We empower physicians and restore autonomy with Decentralized Identity

HPEC provides physicians with a self-sovereign digital identity
stored and verified on a distributed ledger. Once you claim your identity, you can collaborate with other physicians within our censorship-resistant physician-only community.

We are in beta and invite-only
for the first 10,000 users.

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Built by physicians - for physicians

HPEC founded by Leah Houston, MD, is a platform that helps physicians to restore their autonomy with a novel cutting edge technology; decentralized identities.

The healthcare industry is in crisis. The increasing regulatory burden has led to the physician’s time performing redundant and often uncompensated non-care tasks. This takes physicians away from their patients, ultimately reducing the quality of care and leaving physicians frustrated.

With your digital Identity, you can restore your autonomy by first alleviating the pressure of redundant credentialing that restricts your ability to move freely.

Own your identity

With your HPEC decentralized Identity, you are the one who owns your Identity, your credential data, and your right to move and interact with patients and each other.

When you are in control, your credentials will never be used without your explicit consent.

Increase your autonomy

With immediately verifiable credentials through the HPEC protocol, your administrative burden is reduced.

On the other hand your independence, security, privacy, and freedom to connect directly and work where you choose is enhanced.  

Find your support

Once you claim your digital identity, you automatically enter into exclusive physician-only communities of other credentialed physicians.

There you can collaborate with your colleagues to design our future decentralized healthcare ecosystem.

How it works

The HPEC app is available on AppStore and Google Play Store. It is a physician-only and also invite-only. Once you download our app, creating a profile is straightforward.

Decentralized Digital Identity

Our core function is providing physicians with a decentralized
digital identity. To get the HPEC ID, you need to upload your credentials to check, store, and issue your ID via our decentralized secured solution. No one owns your ID except you.

Verified Physicians-Only Community

Once your credentials are approved, and you get your HPEC ID,
you are free to join our community. Only HPEC ID holders that
are verified & approved practicing physicians can join the discussions. Our community platform uses decentralized censorship-resistant technology to achieve self-governance.

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Take control of your professional Digital Identity

Your wallet stores your verifiable medical credentials and connects you to a secure and private referral network
of other credentialed physicians. We do so through our secure, standards-based, open-sourced technology.

Our app is invite-only, available to US-based physicians.

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Join us building the future of healthcare

A message from our founder, Leah Houston, MD, where she talks about the mission of HPEC, our purpose, and how Self-Sovereign Identities can change the healthcare industry.

" HPEC helps the healthcare system the most by letting patients and physicians own the information. "
Roy Stoller, DO
" HPEC makes the credentialing time faster and less expensive, and it gives the power of protection of being responsible for your own information. "
Tisha Titus, MD
" HPEC uses emerging technologies to streamline physician and patient interactions securely. "
Charles Olson Jr., MD